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Emilie De Vialar
Emilie De Vialar

Trusting in the ability of the sisters
to become one among the people,
the sisters were invited to
Thirumandurai Parish in Kumbakonam diocese
on 12th May 2002
by Most Rev Bishop Peter Remigius, DD,
the Bishop of Kumbakonam.

It was done with the initiatives of Fr. Vincent, SDB,
who knew the works of the Sisters in Chennai,
had introduced the Sisters to the Bishop of Kumbakonam.

The mission today responds to
the needs of the Dalits
who are the poorest of the poor
who are also treated as untouchables
in certain Indian societies.

The sisters work for the Dalits
where literacy rate
among the girls is only 2%.
The sisters work towards the upliftment
and empowerment of the people
especially the women and girls.


They take care of different
study centre created for the children in the evenings where almost 700 hundred children get profited.

The Congregation with the help of
the Pontifical society for the missions
put up a small convent for
the Sisters and it was inaugurated
by Sr. Renee Quadros,
the provincial Superior and
was blessed by
Most Rev. Peter Remigius,
Bishop of kumbakonam
in November 2003.


In 2004 we have begun a sewing Institute for the girls and the women.
The response is very positive.
There are a number of Self help projects being animated by the Sisters
for the women in the villages.
Here is good response and co-operation from the women.
The Sisters are fully involved in the pastoral ministry of the parish.

One Sister teaches in the diocesan aided school in a village
8 km away from the convent.
There is a need for a dispensary and a multi purpose hall
for the benefit of the people
which we hope to begin this year in 2006
in honour of the 150th death anniversary of our foundress St. Emilie de Vialar.

 On 29th September, 2006,
we had the innaugration of the Multi-Purpose Hall at Thirumanthurai.
Bishop Remigius of Kumbakonam blessed the Hall and
Sr. Renee Quadros, the Provincial superior of the SJA
innaugrated the building.
There were a number of guests priests and religious along with all the people of the area specially the women.
The Hall consists of  a health centre and the centre is dedicated for the empowerment of the women in that area.
There will be a lot of activities to reach out to the needy specially the women.
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The Love of God in the Service of the Poor - Emilie de Vialar

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