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Sacred Heart Chinese School
Emilie De Vialar
Emilie De Vialar

Cardinal L.T Picachy had repeatedly requested
for the presence of SJA in the archdiocese of Kolkata.

In 1847, a group of Sisters enroute to Burma
had a brief stop over in Calcutta.
One member of this group had sent this report
to the Foundress;
'Having been compelled to stop at Calcutta,
we were welcomed by Rev Fr Bruno, SJ
who had come on purpose.
He introduced us to the Bishop, who welcomed us with
great kindness and looked after us,
very particularly, during our short stay in this city.


His grace would have liked to have some Sisters
for His hospital, six to begin with,
he said; the place was ready to receive them.'
It has taken a good 150 years to respond to this request.

In June 1996 Archbishop Henry D'souza of Kolkata
welcomed the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition
to open two missions in his archdiocese.

One was this Sacred Heart Chinese school.
It was begun by the late Fr. De Moor, SJ in the year 1934
to educate the Chinese children
who had migrated to India.
He was known as the apostle of the Chinese
though his origin was from Belgium.
Today most of the Chinese have migrated from here
to different counties of USA and Europe.

An administrative body comprising the Chinese lay people
took care of the financial requirements of the school.
The committee had approached
the Archbishop of Kolkata to for a person
to see to the academic management of the school.

Archbishop Henry D'souza welcomed the SJA in June 1996.
The Sisters reside in the school itself and
take care of the total administration of the school and
the premises.
A public chapel with Chinese motifs has also been existing
on the premises.
This provides for the gathering and worship of the
Chinese community.

The school now instructs the children of all religions
in English medium and has over 650 children
studying till class 8th.

The community of four Sisters are also involved
in the pastoral activities of the parish.

The Love of God in the Service of the Poor - Emilie de Vialar

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