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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Sisters of
St. Joseph of the Apparition were invited to the diocese of
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
at Port Blair by
Bishop Most Rev. Alex Dias,
on 18th February, 2012
for Pastoral Work.

The Pioneers
Sr. Jyothi Samad,
Sr. Bineeta Toppo,
Sr. Roshni Barwa and
Sr. Kusum Minj
accompanied by
Sr. Arul the Provincial and
Sr. Ignatia.
Sr. Josephine landed at Port Blair Airport on 15th February, 2012.

The Vicar General Fr. Gabirial Benzigar and
few priests from the Bishop's house were there
to welcome them.
The Airport entrance is just opposite to
the Bishop's House campus.

The New Convent located in the 2nd floor of the Pastoral Centre. There are eight spacious rooms
well furnished which include four bed rooms,
a small chapel, dining room, community room
and a small kitchen.
Fr. Gabirel made them comfortable in every way possible and helped them to settle.

Sisters were taken up by the beauty of
the Andaman, the pollution free Island.
The Island represents a Mini India
with rich diversity of language, religion and culture.

One is reminded of the British Period during which the political leaders were considered dangerous and along with dreaded criminals were deported from mainland to the Cellular Jail in inaccessible Andaman Islands.
The Andaman & Nicobar are
a group of picturesque Islands, big and small, inhabited and uninhabited, a total of 572 Islands, islets and rocks lying in the South Eastern Part of the Bay of Bengal. Only 36 Islands are inhabited.

The Diocese has 25 priests,
36,000 Catholics in 14 Parishes most of whom are Hindi speaking settlers from Jharkhand.

On 18th February at 4.00 p.m.
the Cathedral was vibrant with Parishioners and hostel children, preparing for the great event
'The welcome ceremony of
the Sisters in the Diocese'.

Sisters in the team of S.C.C.
go around the diocese with the full swing,
helping out the parishes in S.C.C.
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