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Events in Year 2015

Virapandian Patanam School
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Blessing Of Virapandian Patanam

The new school building of Virapandian Patnam
was inaugurated by Sr.Francisca Soren
on 29th July 2016, in the presence of some of the councilors, Pattnam Community members and some of the sisters from near by community.

The new building consists of auditorium, 3 science labs and class room. Fr.Andrew De Rose, the parish priest of Virepandianpatnam blessed the building and mass was offered in thanksgiving by the SJA family.

A specilal thanks to Sr. Arul Mary, former provincial for her effort in completing the building.


Junior Session

Sr. Anita Callaghan,
Provincial of England/Ireland visited India
to give Three Days Session to our 16 Junier sisters and visited some of our communities.

Sr. Anita is given a warm welcome by
the candidates in Ranchi.

The presence of Sr. Anita boosted our spirit and
the sisters enjoyed the session.

Junior Session
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Retreat by Sr. Margaret
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Retreat by Sr. Margaret

Sr. Margaret Ann,
Co-ordinator of Asian Countries
came to India to give Six Days Retreat
to our Junier Sisters.
Sisters is given a warm welcome.
She came to Asha Nivas in Ranchi.

During her Retreat Direction
Sr.Margaret led the sisters
to the presence of Jesus and
helped them to imbibe the Spirit of St.Emilie.

All the Sisters and the Novices who were present in Ranchi had the R'ecollection' on 17th October, 2015.
All the Junier Sisters and other Sisters who were present for the Final Profession
also prepared themselves for the celebration in the presence of the Lord.

Entering Novitiate

Congratulations to Four of our Novices
who started their novitiate on 17th October 2015,
after a day of recollection directed by
Sr. Neelam Beck.

During the initial cermony Sr. Francisca Soren,
the provincial presented them with Breviary,
Seal of the Cross and the Constitution
in the presence of the Novice Mistress
Sr. Arul Mary.

The presence of Sr. Anita, Sr. Margaret,
some of the Sisters from Kolkota and Mosaboni
Communities enhanced the mood of the celebration.

Entering Novitiate
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First and Final Profession
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First and Final Profession

The First Profession of two of our
Sr. Emilia Surin and Sr. Punita Tirkey and
the Final Profession of three of our
Sr. Amala Christy Limina,
Sr. Emilia Minj and Sr. Janit Mary
took place in Ranchi on 18th October 2015.

Rt. Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas SFX,
the Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi
celebrated the Mass along with eleven priests.

The sisters made their vows into hands of
Sr. Francisca Soren, provincial of India.

The parents of these five sisters, parishioners,
SJA sisters from most of the communties were present for the celebration.
Sr. Anita Callaghan, Provincial of England/Ireland and
Sr. Margaret Ann, Co-ordinator of the formation of Asian countries
were present to add to the joy of the celebration.

Silver Jubilee

The Jubilee Bells rang for
Sr. Josepha Tete, Sr. Michael and Sr. Vinnarasi
as they celebrated their 'Silver Jubilee Years' of
religious life in SJA on 19th October, 2015 in Ranchi.

The SJA family thanked our Lord Jesus
for their commitment and they were congratulated
for 25 Years of service in the Province.

Every one wishes them
all the best for the future mission.

Silver Jubilee
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