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Events in Year 2013

Session in Kyriat Yearim
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Session in Kyriat Yearim

Our sisters
Sr. Jecintha, Sr. Arul Shiny,
Sr. Kiran Lakra, Sr. Tarcila Ekka and
Sr. Sunita Xalxo
attended a session in Kyriat Yearim
from 7th January to 26th March, 2013.


Session in Thailand

Four of our Sisters Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. Joany,
Sr. Pushpa Minj and Sr. Sengole attended the session on "SEEDS OF HOPE, GROWTH AND ZEAL"in Thailand from 21st to 27th April, 2013.

The sisters were renewed and are ready to participate in the incarnation.

Sisters from Australia, Myandmar, Phillipines, India and Thailand shared their Faith, Life and Culture.

Session in Thailand
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General Chapter

Sr. Dorothy Vella-Zarb
Mother General.
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General Chapter

The 21st General Chapter took place
from 2nd to 26th July, 2013 in Rome.

Sr.Arul Mary, our provincial,
provincial councilors Sr. Geetha,
Sr. Margaret and
Sr. Francisca
along with
Sr. Michael, Novice Mistress
participated in the chapter.

It was a time renewal for the congregation.

We are glad Sr. Dorothy Vella-Zarb
was re-elected as Mother General.

Our joy was doubled as
Sr. Margaret was elected as
one of the Councillors.

Sr. Margaret (Indian),
Sr. Ofelia Reyes Cordero (Guatemelteque),
Sr. Dorothy Vella - Zarb (Maltese),
Sr. Marie Kyi (Burmese),
Sr. Yvonne Gruppetta (Maltese)


Closing of Tengra

Tengra community was closed
on 22nd September 2013.

Closing of Tengra
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Final Profession
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Final Profession

The Final Profession of six of sisters;
Sr. Amla Bhengra, Sr. Kalpna Tirkey,
Sr. Mary Shalini, Sr. Neelmani Toppo,
Sr. Perpetua Murmu and Sr. Rashmi Tete
took place in Mosaboni
on 6th October, 2013.

Rev. C.R. Prabhu,
the Vicar General of Jamshedpur Diocese
was the main celebrant
along with nine concelebrants.

Many of SJA Sisters from other communities
were present in the ceremony.


Junior Session

Seminar -2013

Thirty of our sisters attended a 'Seminar-2013'
from 9th to 12th October, 2013, in Mosaboni
conducted by Deacon Xavier Andrew from Malasiya.

With his life experience and knowledge,
Deacon Xavier Andrew led the sisters
on personality development and
to live our life fully as human beings.

During this session Sr. Gracy,
the Junior Mistress was given farewell
as she is leaving India for Malta Mission.

Junior Session
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Entering Novitiate
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Entering Novitiate

Congratulations to three postulants
Sr. Emilia, Sr. Punita and Sr. Regina
who started their novitiate on 17th Oct.2013,
after a day of recollection directed by Sr. Arul Mary.

At 5.30 p.m. Sisters had initial Ceremony
during which Sr. Arul Mary, the Provincial
presented them with Breviary, Seal of the Cross
and our constitutions as the guidelines
for their commitment to God and
to the SJA way of life.

Fr. Raymond Kerketta, S.J.,
the Novice Master of Society of Jesus
celebrated the holy Eucharist.

After Mass the New Novices were led to the dining room for felicitation and festive meal.
The presence of some of the Jharkhand communities' and
Kolkata community sisters enhanced the mood of the celebration.
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition wish their Novices.

May the good Lord shower His manifold Blessings upon them
as they step in to a very important phase of their formation.
May the Lord accompany them to prepare themselves to say a generous yes to the Lord.


First Profession

Sr. Bedona Sangma made her first vows
on the 18th October 2013 in Ranchi.

Fr. K.C. Philip S. J. celebrated the mass.

The novices and the many Junior sisters
were present for the ceremony.
Sr. Micheal, the Novice Mistress,
led the melodius choir.

First Profession
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Provincial's Visit to Andaman
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Provincial's Visit to Andaman

Provincial Sr. Arul Mary
along with Sr. Francisca,
and later Sr. Antonia and Sr. Gracy
visited Andaman community.

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