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Events in Year 2012
Installation of Andaman Mission
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Installation of Andaman Mission

The SJA Sisters ventured into the Bay of Bengal to start a new mission in the Inlands of Andaman and Nichobar for Pastoral Mission.

The sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition was welcomed into the diocese on 17th February 2012 with the Holy Eucharist in the Cathedral concelebrated Most Rev. Alex Dias of Andaman & Nichobar diocese along with nine priests.

Many religious working in the diocese joined in the celebration to welcome the sisters. Along with the Provincial Sr. Arul Mary, eight of SJA Sisters were present for the celebration.

There was a grand welcome by the parishioners and hostel children too.
Fr.Gabrial Benzigar, the Vicar General of the diocese arranged everything and
made sure that the sisters are comfortable.
Sr. Jyothi Sammad, Sr. Vineeta Toppo, Sr. Roshni Barwa and Sr. Kusum Minj are
the pioneers of SJA for the Adaman Mission.

Province Chapter

The Province Chapter of
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition
was held from 9th to 11th May 2012.
There were 41 members present for the Chapter.

Sr. Francisca Soren and Sr. Geetha are elected delegates to the General Chapter.
Sr. Thaddeus and Sr. Margaret are substitutes.

Sr. Arul Mary, the Provincial and Sr. Michael, the novice Mistress will be taking part in the General Chapter by right.

Province Chapter
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Fr. Pushpa Raj S.J. was a speaker for three days. His talk was very enriching.
On the third day Fr. Pushpa Raj then conducted the session on the topic
'Areas of existing mission that need to be strengthened and new mission / new approaches to be identified.' This was followed by the 'Planning and strategies for the province'.

The Provincial Sr. Arul Mary extends her sincere thanks to each one of the sisters
for all their wishes and prayers. She says that it was a time of grace for each one of them.
They could experience His spirit was leading, guiding and inspiring them.

Session For The Senior Sisters

Session I at Chennai

Session II at Ranchi
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Session III at Ranchi
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There was a renewal session for all the Senior Sisters at three places, guides by Fr. Pushparaj S.J.

The first session at Assisi Bhavan in Chennai on 24th & 25th July.
The second session at Asha Nivas in Ranchi on 27th & 28th July.
The third session at Asha Nivas in Ranchi on 29th & 30th July.

The sisters were able to strengthen their root in the family of SJA,
Feel the spirit of St.Emilie towards the poor and needy,
Able to renew themselves as SJA,
And to lead the congregation, the nation and the faithful towards Christ.

Final Profession
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Final Profession

The final profession of two of our sisters
Sr. Roselima Lakra and Sr. Sathyawati Ekka
took place in Mosaboni on 07.10.2012.

The candidates danced and brought the Celebrants, the Priests and Bishop to the alter with the traditional tribal dance.

Most Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, Bishop of Jamshedpur was the main celebrant along with many priests.

The two sisters took their Final Vows in front of
Sr. Arul Mary, the provincial of SJA.
Many of SJA Sisters and the family members of
Sr. Roselima and Sr. Sathyawathi
joined in the celebration.


Entering Novitiate

Congratulations to Seven Postulants
who started their novitiate on 17th Oct.2012,
after 3 days retreat directed by Sr. Neelam Beck.

On 17th Oct. 2012 at 5.30 p.m. Sisters had initial Ceremony during which Sr. Arul Mary, the Provincial presented them with Breviary, Seal of the Cross and our constitutions as the guidelines for their commitment to God and to the SJA way of life.

Fr. Ajit Xess, S.J. from St. Xavier's School community celebrated the holy Eucharist.
After the Mass the new novices were led to the dining room for felicitation and festive meal.

Entering Novitiate
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The presence of all the Jharkhand communities' and west Bengal communities' sisters
enhanced joy and happiness.

Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition wish their Novices.
May the good Lord shower His manifold Blessings upon them
as they step in to a very important phase of their formation.
May the Lord accompany them to prepare themselves to say a generous yes to the Lord.
First Profession
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First Profession

The First Profession of three of SJA novices
Amla Kispotta, Anjana Arti Tirkey and
Brigitha Marandi
took place on 18th October in the Novitiate at Ranchi.

Most Rt. Rev. Binay Kandulna,
Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi was the main celebrant.

Our sisters from Jharjkhand and West Bengal communities were present for the celebration.
Also were present Sr. Gracy, Junior Mistress and
Sr. Lillian and Sr. Nattaya from
Australia/Thailand province.


Blessings of the Convent at Gonaives

St. Joseph's Centre at Gonaives
in Haiti was inaugurated
by Most Rev. Yves Marie Pean,
Bishop of Gonaives on 31st March 2012.

The centre comprising of Nutrition Centre,
an Orthopedic Centre, Wing for the volunteers and
the convent was contracted by many partners.
The main partner organization was
Pater Rupert Mayor Zentrum.
The sisters thank all those who helped in this project.

Blessings of the Convent at Gonaives
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Ongoing Formation In Philipines
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Ongoing Formation In Philipines

A session on ongoing formation,
"Disciples and witnesses of Jesus"
was organised in Philipines
from 21st November – 12th December 2012
by the General Councilors.
Sr. Ignatia Minj, Sr. Lourdes, Sr. Pyari Hassa and
Sr. Vincy were the participants from India/Haiti Province among twenty sisters from 8 Provinces in the congregation of St. Joseph of the Apparition.

Sr. Renee, the General Secretary who was there to welcome the participants and begin the session.
Sr. Ann Shew was in charge of the sessions and
she did an excellent job by planning ahead
the whole session and made sure that
everyone understood clearly.

The subjects treated were:
Consecrated life, the vow of obedience, given by Fr.Auther, SJ. Sisters were very much touched and inspired by his teachings.

He gave them 10 golden qualities of a server leader:
Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment to the growth of the people and Building community.

Religious life and modern period were presented by Sr. Mariyn Java.
She explained clearly how Religious is built on four pillars.
Jesus, Gospel, Community and Witness/Mission.
For all these we need prayer and discernment. It was an enriching programme for all of them.
My life belongs totally to God - Emilie de Vialar

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If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith.
If delays, He is increasing your Patience.
If does not answer, He knows you can handle it perfectly.