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Events in Year 2009
New Mission
Virapandian Patnam
18th February, 2009
The New Mission at Virapandian Patnam
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On 18th Feb. the Indian Province of
'Srs.of St.Joseph of the Apparition'
had the blessing of our new mission in Virapandian Patnam in the diocese of Tuticorin.

The mass was at 5.15 a.m. in the parish church. Rev. Fr. Oswald, the vicar General of Tuticorin
was the main Celebrant and
three other priests concelebrated.

The celebration was made even more meaningful with the inspiring sermon by
Fr. Francis, the Vicar Financier of Tuticorin diocese
and the melodious singing and hospitality of the parishioners.

The church was packed with parishioners.
After the mass the Sisters, priests and the parishioners came to the house where the Kuthuvillaku (Lamp) was lit and the house was blessed.
Sr. Gracy, Sr. Berny and Sr. Asunta from Vikkiramangalam community and Sr. Philo and Sr. Vinnarasi from Thirumanthurai community were present for the blessing.
The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition were eleven in number. Sr. Arul along with her Council wishes Sr. Arockiam, Sr. Pyari, Sr. Jacintha and Sr. Quinita fruitful ministry in the new mission.

Right now Sisters are living in St. Thomas hospital.
The Board of trustees of St. Thomas hospital has been kind enough to give the Sisters the building on temporary basis for a year to run the dispensary and Primary School.
Our community will reside in this hospital till our own convent is ready.

Most Rev. Dr.Yvon Ambroise, Bishop of Tuticorin, has been kind enough to grant the permission
to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in their temporary convent residence for the sisters’ spiritual need.
He has also implored God’s blessing on the work the Congregation has started in the diocese of Tuticorin
and on the successful completion of the convent and the school building.

Sr. Jacintha and Sr. Quinita have already started visiting the families and registration for Pre-Primary is on. Sr. Pyari also has started to run the dispensary.

Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition,
Station Road - Virapandian Patnam,
Tuticorin DT., - 628 216
Tamil Nadu
Phone No: +91 4639 245515

Virapandian Patnam
Virapandian Patnam, a tiny village situated on the south west coast of India near Thiruchendur, Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu is also loveably called by the locals as 'Veeriampathy' or Pattanam.

People who live here were converted to Roman Catholicism by St. Francis Xavier a few hundred years ago. The village is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.
It's location is that it is less than 2 km from Thiruchendur and about 10 km from Kayalpatnam.

The focal point of the village is a Roman Catholic Church which was built in 1886.
Surrounding the church is the village cemetery,
a grotto for Mother Mary, the Priest's quarters, a high school and a nunnery.
Sprinkled around the village are different chapels for various saints.
The church has daily masses, one at 5:15 am and 7:00 am. Most masses are broadcast over the church speakers and most in the village can hear it from their homes.
The Church recently got a face lift with new paint and pews throughout the church.

Though many of the villagers are now into various other businesses and occupations, fishing and fish related business are the main source of income among the people who currently reside in this village.

The nick name 'Tiny Vatican' suits very well to this village as people who live in this village are religious, peace loving and God fearing people.
This village is a very good example in many ways for other growing villages in India.

The nearest airport is Madurai which is about a 4 hour drive from Pattanam.
Most major cities in Tamil Nadu can be accessed via bus.
There is a Railway Station in Pattanam but it caters to only a few trains.
The easiest way to access Pattanam is to take the train from Chennai to Tuticorin
and either take a taxi or a bus.
One other easy way is to take a bus from Chennai.
There are many private luxurious buses from Chennai that can take one in relative comfort in about 15 hrs.
Awareness Retreat
25th May 2009 - 4th June 2009

'Awareness Retreat' was given by
Rev. Fr. Tony D’Souza, S.J.,
The provincial of
Mumbai Province of Jesuits
from 25th may 2009 to 4th june 2009.

In which Sr. Arul mary, Sr. Josephine,
Sr. Margaret, Sr. Gracy and
sixteen juniors participated.

It was very helpful for each sister.
It is discovering awareness.

A guide to inner peace,
strength and freedom.

It helps people to be aware of their ego and letting go of their ego and
get into their true self
without violence but in a gentle way.

All the sisters took fully part in it and enriched by it.


In the year 2009 from Sept. 14 th to 14 th Nov.
Sr. Dorothy Vella Zarb
the Sup.General of St.Joseph of the Apparition
made her Cananical Visit to Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata and Jharkhand
along with her councilor Sr. Renee Quadros
wherever the Sisters of St.Joseph of the Apparition are situated.

It went on joyfully, generously,gracefully and peacfully everywhere and
at all times.
It was a very graceful moment or a time of grace for
the Sisters of St.Joseph of the Apparition in India.
All the Sisters have experienced this Grace and
are enriched by it.
Yes. Sisters are personally touched by His grace and His presence.

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So the family of SJA in India
thank the Lord for His unconditional love and
for His inspirational message on life
which they received through their
Superior General Sr.Dorothy and
the General Councillor, Sr.Renee.
Both of them have given enough time
for each one of them and to each community.

Now, it is up to each one of them
to live out this Grace in their daily life.
Once again SJA family in India gives BIG THANKS
to dear Sr.Dorothy and Sr. Renee
for all that they have been to them
during these past two months.
May the Lord continue to be their Light.


Superior Gerneral's visit
to Assisi Nagar in Chennai on 3rd October 2009.

A warm welcome was given to Sr. Dorothy
along with Sr.Renee Quadros
by the staff and students of St.Joseph's Mat.Higher Sec.School.

Both the sisters went to each class in the school and
spoke to the students and the teachers.

The students and teachers were so glad to interact with Sr. Dorothy.

Visitation in Chennai
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Visitation in Thirumanthurai
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Visitation in Vikramangalm
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First Session in Chennai
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Visitation in Tundtoli
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Initiation cermony in Ranchi

On the 17th October 2009, at 5.30p.m.
Sisters of St.Joseph of the Apparition had the joy of
welcoming their eight Postulants into the novitiate
by their Sup.General, Sr.Dorothy
followed by mass with Rev.Bishop Binay Kandulna
the Auxillary Bishop of Ranchi as the main celebrant and
two other priests concelebrating.

Sr.Renee the General councillor also was present.
Sisters of SJA family in India assure the novices their prayers and
good wishes.
Entering Novitiate
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First Profession
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Professions in Ranchi

It is a great joy and blessing for the Congregation of
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition and specially for the Province of India when their eight young Sisters made their First Profession
on the 18th October 2009, at Asha Nivas, Ranchi.

They had the Eucharistic celebration at 6.30 a.m.
presided by Rev. Fr.Allan Noronha, S.F.X., parish Priest of Doranda.
The first year and the second year novices danced and
led the Sisters in procession to the alter.
The singing was melodious with music and sound of drums,
led by Sr.Michael (Novice Mistress) and
the novices proclaiming the life, love and spirit of the Congregation.

It was a great joy of having their Sup.General Sr.Dorothy and the General Councillor Sr. Renee with us for this auspicious occasion.
Sr. Dorothy received their vows. They were happy to have a few Sisters from different communities,
and their juniors Sisters Gulshan Kujur, Mahura Kispotta, Neelima Ekka and Paulina Hansdak
renewed their vows on the same day. They thank the Lord for the gift of these eight Sisters to the Congregation.

“Go, and with what you have and will receive do all the good you can.” - St.Emilie de Vialar.
With this understanding and confidence their eight newly professed Sisters are all set to go on their first mission,
having committed their entire life to God on the 18th October 2009, the day they made their first profession
Visitation in Gadalodhma
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Visitation in Ranchi
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Mother General's Visit
to Chinese Chapel in Kolkotta

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Second Session in Ranchi
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Visitation in Basinda
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My life belongs totally to God - Emilie de Vialar

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