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Events in Year 2008
Sr. Arul's First Visit to Haiti
From 28th February, 2008 to 29th March 2008
Sr. Arul's First Visit to Haiti
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The Provincial, Sr. Arul Mary,
visited Haiti Mission and the Sisters at Haiti,
for the first time in the year 2008.
She stayed with them for a month from 27th Feb. 2008 to 28th March 2008.
The Provincial is very happy to tell the Province
that Sisters are doing very well in their mission.

Sisters have five missions in their centre, namely
Education doing in three shifts,
in each shift there are three hundred children and about eighty mothers and babies,
taking care of the handicapped children,
sewing centre and
water supply for the poor people.

All these people and pupils are provided
with a free lunch daily.
They have very good relationship with the church, Bishop, different religious congregations and
Govt. officials. Sisters have developed the centre very well in where children are able to play freely which they were not able to do three years ago.

Sr.Arul is really proud of them and happy to see them so fulfilled in their mission.
She congratulates Sr. Margaret, Sr. Anna and Sr. Sibiria and expresses her sincere thanks to the sisters
for accepting this Mission and wishes them all the very best with God’s blessings.


Celebration of
St. Joseph’s Feast
with children, staff
and other Religious
in Haiti

“Personal Empowerment”
12th April 2008 to 16th April 2008
 The Session on “Personal Empowerment” given by Rev. Fr Johny S.D.B.,
to all the Superiors, Principals, Headmistress, Formators and some senior Sisters in the Province.
It was very good. The sisters are helped to realize the importance of the Paradigm shift in ones life.
The climax of the days’ experience was the adoration that Fr. Johny conducted and all felt the presence of God in depth.
The Sisters were let into ones own self to see their inner world through Johari Window.
It brought them the awareness of how essential it is to know oneself and to open up their hidden sides.
The exercises that followed enhanced how the shift in mind will change their behavior.
He also helped them to become aware of the importance of having high self esteem and low self Image.
They came to the awareness that the problem that they face are not from outside but from within.
Through the exercises and sharing he helped them to see the vitality of their religious commitment and
the significance of having a positive image of oneself and how this self esteem motivates them to see others in a positive way.
  The Sisters also concentrated on how their childhood experience from their conception to the age of five
forms their character, and how that influences their entire life experiences,
as well how human beings are endowed with Self-Awareness, Imagination, Conscience and Will Power
to choose the right response.
To understand the concept well he dealt on the various theories of psychologists like Pavlov Segment Friod and Viktor Franklyn. He motivated them to become aware of the importance of being a proactive person
which is the only way to live as a human and as committed person.
 In the second half he prepared the Sisters for the Sacrament of confession
for which he diligently prepared a conducive atmosphere, in transferring the conference hall in to a heavenly atmosphere
where the Sisters spent three hours in complete adoration, the prayer was led by Fr. Johny and his assistant Bro. Rai.
Every one of them made their confession which was a God experience once again.
 On 4th day, Sisters went to a hill for meditation; the experience was a touching one.
The meditation enabled them to realize the tremendous gifts that they have received from God.
The session that followed gave the insight to become aware of the Responsibility that one has for the happenings in ones life.
So to say 'I am responsible to make what I want to happen'.
Through various exercises he made them to explore the rolls and aspect of Animation in the Communities.
The session brought the awareness on how they remain in the 'concern level' and how important to go to the 'influence level'.
  On the last day the focus was on, what or who is the centre of ones life and
how they have made money, power, passion etc….
The centre of their lives and that the influence they have on their lives, the false security they feel
which does not bring them real joy and peace.
They became aware of their call to seek God and His kingdom
and therefore their centre is God and His values and they should allow themselves to be guided by His Values
 At the end Fr. Johny asked them to think the key aspects that have touched and enabled them
to have a strategy to follow and put them in to practice.

Sr.Arul had a meeting with the sisters where in they studied the province project and the Education policy in detail and
the sisters gave their suggestions
with the regard to the policy and project. Sr. Josephine the Provincial Bursar
took up Economic Administrative Policies
which was already studied
in the Provincial Council.

Since most of the sisters were gathered,
on 17th Apri,l they marked
the Silver Jubilee of
Sr. Arul, Sr. Geetha, Sr. Gracy and
Sr. Margaret with a very meaningful Eucharistic Celebration.
Though Sr. Margaret was not with them physically but they were very close to her in spirit and prayer.

 The Provincial along with her council met different communities.
The entire session and meeting was concluded with the grant agape.
Everything went on well because of Sisters’ prayers.
The Provincial sincerely thanks each and every one of you for your genuine support and prayers.
17th October, 2008
Initial Ceremony of Six Postulants entering Novitiate.
18th October, 2008
First Profession of Three Novices
Sr. Arul's Visit to Haiti After Cyclone
The Provincial Sr. Arul spent most of December 2008, visiting Sisters in Haiti. The visit for her was a time of joy and consolation and
she shares those moments and experiences.
Sr. Arul's Visit to Haiti After Cyclone
Photos: 24 – 535 KB
Prior to her visit, Haiti was struck by a terrible cyclone,
a few people lost their lives and there was a lot of damage to property.
The Sisters were driven from their house by the floods and
took refuge at the Cluny Sisters whose house is on higher ground.
During the first ten days of her visit,
she also experienced their wonderful hospitality.
It was only after that, that Sisters’ own house was cleaned up and
they were all able to return.
Even while still staying with the Cluny’s house,
the Sisters had been able to get the school started again.
One might think that a traumatic experience like a cyclone would dampen apostolic Spirit.

What Sr.Arul found was quite the opposite.
The Sisters were evidently bound together in a greater sense of unity, by the common sharing of this adversity.
God has blessed them in a special way. They are now more committed than ever to their apostolate.
It is God’s work and God is surely with them.

Sr. Arul requests the sisters in Province to thank God for this special blessing bestowed on the whole Province.
She urges you also to pray that all the Sisters can rise above their petty differences
that so often divide them and commit themselves more deeply to the particular and purposeful mission
to which God has called them.

The Sisters at Haiti have started the mother and child centre. Handicapped children will also be cared for there.
My life belongs totally to God - Emilie de Vialar

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If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith.
If delays, He is increasing your Patience.
If does not answer, He knows you can handle it perfectly.